Our Journey...
Four strangers went to sleep on what seemed an ordinary evening ... but on that night we were all taken by a bright light which felt like being blended with the fabric of space.

Where we went and for how long we were gone, we don't know. But we woke up the next day with a calling for what we must do. With riffs, licks and killer basslines rattling around in our heads, we all gravitated like zombies towards Jon's Nan's shed and set to work.

With our new found knowledge and a list of materials (though we still don't know what to do with the Arab strap that James turned up wearing), the band was born!

We'd love to take credit for what we do (and for copyright reasons we certainly will). But these songs did not come from us, they didn't come from this planet, this galaxy or even this dimension and time. They came from the being known as Skinny Bob, he's not like me or you but he clearly liked a bit of punk, bikers, bad trips and toxic relationships.
The Boring Bio...
Skinny Bob are an upcoming punk/rock band from Southampton, whose catchy anthems are drawing the attention of people across the south of England. Their songs are loud, unique, original, fun, at times soulful and are guaranteed to have a crowd singing along and jumping around. The band have been together for about three years, and have released three singles in that time and have their debut album Not Too Bad recorded and are champing at the bit to release it to the rest of the world late in 2021.

Naturally, their real passion is playing live but, like many, have been held back by the pandemic, but their ambition during 2022 is to play a number of festivals across the UK.

They were also delighted to be winners of the Best Newcomer category at the GSMC Music Awards 2021.
Band Members:
Timothy Griffiths - Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar
James Viney - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jon Taylor - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Julio Veiga - Drums
Southampton, UK
Punk, Rock
Tim on +44 (0)7500 110267